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Models From Greece

Becoming a Model
  1. Good Looking
  2. Height over 1.70 cm
  3. Weight must be ballanced

Foreign Models

How can i Co-operate with Di-Va Models;
  1. You have to be already a Professional Model in your country or another.
  2. Sent us an e-mail with your Biography and recent photos to approve.
If you approve me, whats the cooperation conditions ?
  1. We take care of the ticket issuance from and to your country.
  2. We arrange your free stay in luxury apartment of our company.
  3. We arrange every week to provide you some money (pocket money).
  4. From every occupation our fee is 20%.
In my country i already have a contract with a Model Agency Office, how can i Co-operate with you?

Your Model Agency Office must get in touch with us.

Makeup Artist – Stylist – Hair Styler – Choreographer

I am a Makeup Artist, Stylist, Hair Styler or Choreographer. How can i Co-operate with you?
Get in touch with us by E-mail or call us (+30) 210 7474842
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